§ Big list of writing

§ Books about charming sentences and how to construct them

§ Active v/s passive vocabulary

The key to good writing for those who read a lot is to expand their active vocabulary to match their passive vocabulary.
  • A useful exercise is to look for synonyms during speech; This way,one forces an enlargening of active vocabulary.
  • Moulding one's inner mologoue to reach the ideal 'Voice' might also bebenificial; However, there is a tendency that speech is not the same aswriting --- very few people speak as they write. I wish to write like my idol(David Foster Wallace), who does speak like he writes. I surmise it'sworthwhile to mould my inner speech to align with how my writing is supposedto be.

§ Punctuation

Should one use punctuation, or shoud not? How much should one use punctuation? What range of punctuation should one use --- from the common, and ., all the way up to :, ;, and ---. There appear to be three distinct schools of thought.
  • The first school of thought is prescriptive;They hold the belief that one must use as much punctuation as is necessary to accurately transcribe cadence.
  • The second school are the moderates. Too much ofpunctuation can leave writing stilted, or worse, give it an appearance of puttingon a veneer of respectability. Use as much punctation as is necessary, they say.
  • The third school of thought is anarchic and recommend no punctuation at allexcept for . as this is a terrific way to get a sense for how to placewords as one is forced to switch up vocabulary based on the cadence onewishes for instead of relying on artificial markers afforded by our system ofwriting.

§ English grammar

I couldn't really find a good "grammar book", so I decided to simply poll friends every time I came across a word that I didn't know. Assumes knowledge of noun, pronoun, verb, adjective.

§ Pronoun resolution

  • cataphora: later reference, anaphora: past reference?
The connection between this and catamorphism/anamorphism is something I wish to explore.
  • let ([x 5]) (+ x 3)): x is anaphora resolution.